Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

survey time, kids!

from anilina and rawbery79. I'll bold the parts i found important to me.

[Act or direct?:] direct
[Adidas, Nike, Reebok?:] Adidas usually fit better.
[Alaska or Hawaii?:] Hawaii.
[Aloha or Hola?:] Hola.
[Any tattoos and where of what?:] No.
[Are you a good listener?:] I hope so.
[Are you a good student?:] Yes!
[Are you currently in a relationship?:] Yes.
[Are you involved in sports:] Ex-track star, now I just sit on my ass.
[Bacon bits or croutons?:] croutons! (but both is nice)
[Be serious or be funny?:] funny!
[Birthday?:] may 20
[Birthplace?:] kansas city, MO
[Blonde or brunette?:] brunette
[Blue eyes or brown?:] blue.
[Bow tie or tie?:] tie.
[Cat or dog?:] dog, i'm allergic to cats :(
[Chinese or Japanese?:] chinese, i guess... more JACKIE CHAN that way
[Christmas or Halloween?:] halloween!
[Coke or Pepsi?:] pepsi.
[Color or black-and-white photos?:] color.
[Cool ranch or Nacho Cheese?:] i dunno, cool ranch i guess.
[Disneyland or Universal Studios?:] don't remember being at either, disneyland was 15 years ago, so sorry.
[Do long distance relationships work?:] not for me so far.
[Do you believe in astrology?:] no. but i'm a taurus, so i'm not supposed to.
[Do you believe in God?:] yes.
[Do you believe in love at first sight?:] no.
[Do you consider yourself the life of the party?:] certainly not!
[Do you have a car?:] yes.
[Do you have a deep dark secret no one knows except you?:] who doesn't?
[Do you have a pager?:] no.
[Do you have a personal phone line?:] well, it's my phone, so yeah...
[Do you have a pool or hot tub?:] no
[Do you have a trampoline?:] no.
[Do you make fun of people?:] heh, you could say that.
[Do you think dreams eventually come true?:] no
[Domino's or Pizza Hut?:] pizza hut
[Dream car/truck?:] i don't really like cars.
[Dreams or reality?:] Reality.
[Eat an apple or an orange?:] Apple
[Elmo or Cookie Monster?:] Cookie monster (Elmo is so annoying)
[Emerald or ruby?:] emerald (birthstone!)
[Fav movie?:] Star Wars
[Fav song at the moment?:] Dido - Hunter
[Fav thing to do?:] Waste time on the computer.
[Fav breakfast food?:] eggs, bacon, toast with jelly, milk.
[Fav Candy?:] peanut butter & chocolate
[Fav Color?:] #6000D0
[Fav Day?:] thursday
[Fav Food?:] toasted ravioli
[Fav Gum?:] juicy fruit
[Fav season?:] summer
[Fav perfume/ cologne?:] i hate smelling like... things.
[Fav Room?:] mine
[Fav school class?:] advanced logics
[Fav Soundtrack?:] foxfire
[Fav Sport?:] track
[Fav thing to do online?:] IRC, design the websites,
[Fav Vacation spot?:] can't say i vacation much.
[Favorite Comedian?:] jeanene garafalo
[Favorite body part of the opposite sex:] stomachs! what is it about that?
[Favorite cartoon?:] powerpuff girls or dexter's lab
[Favorite Television show?:] SURVIVOR!
[Favorite type of music?:] early 90's underground grunge girl band
[Favorite Band/Singers?:] smashing pumpkins
[Favorite Ice cream?:] mint.
[Favorite shampoo or conditioner?:] biolage
[Future Job?:] don't make me think about that, please?
[Glasses or contacts?:] depends on the mood i'm in. today it was glasses.
[Go to the movies or rent?:] action: go. comedies: rent. romance: neither.
[Gold or Silver?:] silver.
[Got a crush on anyone?:] my boyfriend :)
[Green beans or carrots?:] carrots! hands-down on that one.
[Is the glass half empty or half full?:] half full.
[Happy and poor or rich and sad?:] happy and rich (hello, who would say different?)
[Hard top or convertible?:] convertible, i hope someday!
[Hardcover books or soft cover books?:] hardcover
[Have you ever been convicted of a crime?:] no
[Have you ever done something you regret now?:] well hello...
[Have you ever gotten a ticket for speeding?:] nope. never even been pulled over.
[Have you ever lost someone you loved?:] yes.
[Have you ever moved?:] barely, um, like twice.
[Have you ever stolen anything (from a store)?:] when i was little.
[Have you ever thought of killing yourself?:] no.
[Have you ever witnessed a crime?:] yes.
[Have you met your soul mate?:] i'll refrain from answering that now, but it's a strong possibility :)
[Height?:] 1.84m
[High school or college?:] college!
[How's the weather right now?:] cold- i hate it.
[Hug or kiss?:] hug
[Hurricane or Tornado?:] tornado (we don't get many hurricanes in KS, sorry)
[Is it POP or SODA?:] either, i don't even think about it anymore.
[Jacket or sweater?:] jacket
[Kids or no kids?:] none right now...
[Last CD(s):] wild strawberries: quiver
[Last person you talked to on the phone?:] dave
[Last time you showered?:] 10 or so last night
[Law or anarchy?:] depends on the law
[Left or right?:] right
[Long hair or short?:] short, i just wish it didn't grow so fast.
[Loud or soft music?:] loud, unless you're trying to have a conversation
[Love or hate?:] Love (hello again...)
[Love or lust?:] Love
[Low fat or non fat milk?:] either, milk in general is all good.
[Lunch or gym class?:] gym, i guess.
[McDonalds or Burger King?:] burger king.
[Mustard or ketchup?:] mustard
[Natural or bleached hair color?:] natural, please!
[Newspaper or magazine?:] magazine.
[Night or day?:] day, morning specifically.
[Non-Sport activity you enjoy?:] computer...
[Number of Pillows?:] 1-2
[On a scale from 1 to 100 how much self esteem do you think you have?] i dunno, 80 or so. i'm at least a B.
[One piece or two?:] two
[Pants or long skirt?:] pants
[Piano or guitar?:] piano, but i play guitar :)
[Piercings and where?:] ears
[Place you want to live?:] somewhere warm and sunny
[Place you'd like to visit?:] europe
[Rain or shine?:] sunshine
[Rap or rock?:] rock
[Read or write?:] write
[Receive letter or call?:] letter
[Regular or diet?:] regular (life's too short to diet)
[Rice Krispie treat or brownies?:] brownies
[Roller blade or roller skate?:] both are too painful
[Romance or Action Movie?:] action (c'mon now people...)
[Short-term goal?:] learn perl
[Simple or complicated?:] simple
[Singing or dancing?:] if i could sing, i really would
[Single or taken?:] i'm taken now
[Sleep w/ stuffed animals?:] no
[Snow or water?:] snow
[Someone you can't live without?:] my sister
[Spin-the-bottle or truth or dare?:] truth or dare. (with more truth, of course)
[Stay up late or wake up late?:] stay up late, i guess. don't they kinda go hand in hand?
[Straight or curly?:] straight
[Summer or Winter?:] summer.
[Sun or moon?:] sun
[Tall guys/girls or short guys/girls?:] Tall
[Things you collect?:] blue plastic gadgets
[What are you doing tomorrow?:] going to class
[What color is your toothbrush?:] i think red this time, i don't even know
[What color pants do you have on right now?:] jeans
[What color socks are you wearing?:] white
[What do you drink?:] water or milk
[What makes you vomit?:] i don't know.
[What's on your computer background?:] it's light green, that's all i need right now.
[What's on your computer screensaver?:] can't get my screensaver to work
[What's right next to you?:] microwave
[What's your bedtime?:] midnight if i'm lucky
[What's your best physical feature?:] i'm thin
[What's your favorite Disney movie?:] toy story
[What's your favorite radio station?:] i like npr
[What's your name backwards?:] mefecaps
[When do you get up in the morning?:] 7-ish
[Wonder or amazement?:] wonder
[Word or phrase you overuse?:] not so much
[Would you wait to have sex until you're married?:] too late
[X or O in Tic-Tac Toe?:] O, it's less strokes
[X-men or X-Files?:] x-files

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