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chock full of subjects! pick your fave!

okay, i gotta update fast because I have so much stuff to do still, I'm going to die! so what's a good fast format to use in updating a journal when tons of stuff is happening?

Awards Show Format!

Procrastinator of the Month award goes to me for not packing until like today. I'm not gonna make it! arg! must move tomorrow... am totally nuts...

Friend of the Month award (for september I guess, since he already won for August) goes to Mikey for lending me his playstation II! I can't believe he actually did it! He said he was afraid it'd distract him from his studies, and besides, I have no DVD player and this can act like one. Mikey rules!

Burrito of the Month goes to Chipolte because that's where I took steve and mikey to lunch. We had big burritos. Steak. mmm. With black beans! I love black beans! But I couldn't finish my burrito so steve had to have the last few bites, that was fine with me.

Genius of the Month goes to lady at the cable company. I called today for internet, she asked what operating system I was running. I chuckled and said, "SuSE Linux 7.2". She pauses then says... "Is that like Windows ME?"

heh. sure, I told her, it's a lot like Windows ME. She was fine with that response.

Store of the Month totally hands down is awarded to Gordmans! I have bought so much stuff there... dishes, towels, glasses, flatware... and today I even found some new shoes that will be perfectly professional looking for work but are comfy like slippers! ahhh! Even came in size 11, for $20, go them!

Generally Good Thing of the Month goes to my gold mastercard. 'nuff said.

Shorts of the Month go, as always, to my Girls' Track sweat shorts that I cut out of sweatpants my freshman year. these shorts rock.

that's enough awards, I have to go move now. goal: do not turn computer on until it's in wichita! bye all! wish me a safe trip!
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