Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

reason #534B1 for why I shouldn't procreate

altaynin's comment about raising her children on tori amos and the smashing pumpkins (starting before they're born, mind you) made me remember a thought I had.

I was in Des Moines, watching "Star Trek" because Dave has cable and they show it every night. And I was thinking about how stupid kids shows are, like barney and teletubbies. What's up with those? They make no damn sense, they can't be good, they're just annoying and our kids are probably all growing up to have crackhead social skills. This wouldn't happen if they just watched "Star Trek: The Next Generation". So if I ever have kids, that's all I'll have in the house. No stacks and shelves of sexist Disney movies, annoying loud puppet shows, or painfully awful sing-along tapes. Nope, my kids will sit back in the afternoon to watch Worf defending his honor. Picard discussing tactical decisions with Number One. Deanna Troy being generally cool as hell :)

TNG will be enough for this, the early Star Trek episodes featured a few too many alien females taking rides in the captain's chair, if you know what I mean. And Enterprise is getting way to gratuitous some nights for children, don't you think?

Along those same lines, I can't freaking wait for Nemesis to come out!!! I so want to make a federation uniform, but they don't seem to have patterns for it though. sigh.
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