Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

subreddits to laugh at people

This is sad, but when I need a laugh, reddit is the best place to laugh at people being stupid. I try to limit my exposure to these because man, you can go down some dark holes into serious people hate! but don't we all do stupid things sometimes? can we learn from each other's mistakes? that's why I feel okay following a lot of these. and hey, they're not all somebody's fault, sometimes the world is just weird.

BoneAppleTea people who very incorrectly try to spell out a phrase they heard
ChoosingBeggars people complaining about free stuff or that they're not getting enough
NotMyJob jobs very poorly done
NotTheOnion headlines that sound like they could be made up to be funny, but they're real
ThereWasAnAttempt when someone tried, but failed
Tombstoning unfortunate newspaper headline juxtapositions
VanDoors when opening the van door presents a new and unfortunate message out of the words painted on it. I'm starting to wonder if they do these on purpose.
WowThanksImCured people with depression are asked "why don't you just go outside"
MirrorsForSale unintentional reflections in "for sale" photos
ThereIFixedIt cheap fixes
RedneckEngineering more cheap fixes
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