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friday 5: old things

from thefridayfive...

1) What is the oldest thing you own?
Probably my house, built in 1929. Other notable things:

I like vintage coffee mugs and have some that my mom owned or possibly made, in the 70s.

I still have converse all-star shoes that I bought in high school.

We have a brown domo-kun hoodie that we bought pre-marriage, there are photos of me wearing it on our honeymoon. Last weekend Josie had a friend visit and I lent her the hoodie because she was cold, but I told her "you can't steal this!" The friend looked a little indignant and said "I'm not going to steal it, why would I do that!" I had to laugh, and explain that in our family, there's a lot of hoodie stealing that happens. I steal Marc's. Josie stole her big stepsister's. I guess we're just on gaurd and projecting.

2) What is the oldest home you've lived in?
Actually NOT my house! When Marc and I first got married we lived in a loft downtown that was a refurbished warehouse. It was built in 1920. So my house is practically new!

3) What is the oldest book you've read?
When I was a teenager I read the Bible. Wouldn't say I recommend it, it's a pretty weird book with lots of parts that will make you question whether religion is a good idea.

In high school we read The Scarlet Letter, published in 1850. Aside from that I don't read many old books. I prefer to read new books. I figure the old books have been read enough. The oldest books I've read as an adult are Shirley Jackson, JRR Tolkien. Oh and you all remember I read Gone With The Wind this year... that was a hell of a mistake.

4) What is the oldest electronic device that you still use?
I have lost all track of this, since Marc gets the bug to buy new electronics. I think we've replaced our receiver. I bet our bookshelf speakers are the sames ones I bought in my apartment 20 years ago. I still have my boom box from high school because it was SUCH a prized possesion and the speakers on it are still pretty good, but I don't use it regularly.

5) What is the oldest work of art/architecture that you've seen?
I immediately thought of the ancient art collection at the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum in Kansas City, because I've spent so much time there, and it's such a memorable collection. I cannot tell you how many times I've been to the Nelson. I thought the mummy coffin might be the oldest thing I've seen, but the Egyptian Statue of Metjetji is also familiar to me, and the website states it is from 2375-2345 B.C.E.

That makes the 9th century Prague Castle that I toured seem practically new.

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