Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

pokemon ultra league

okay, since I didn't lose too many friends over nerding out about pokemon last time I can just KEEP IT UP! that'll show you! eh... this might help me fit more into livejournal, you know, fandom stuff kind of?

we're in ultra league now so the cp limit for battles is 2500. It changes a lot of what people pick. still lots of swamperts. the fire pokemon at this level start getting weak, which I think is why there's so many damn melmetals. I don't have a melmetal. I hate them. I hate them so much.

I also hate the game glitches. it was so awful for a few days we all kind of stopped playing. I'd load up a game and get the "weak connection" error, even though I'm on fiber to my house two feet from my wifi router and I can stream anything. everybody else had the same issue. it's frustrating, because the game doesn't respond and you just watch yourself die.

When the ultra league started I had a venusaur in there to counter the swamperts but there were too many melmetals, and they didn't give a crap about my great venusaur sludge bomb because poison can't hurt steel. that's sad because I have a 100 iv venusaur.

now my team is...

Poliwrath with mud shot, ice punch and dynamic punch. to fight the melmetals! if the melmetals have thunder I'm in some trouble but a lot of times they have rock slide and then I don't care. ice punch is good against dragons too. by some miracle my poliwrath is EXACTLY 2500 cp, I am very proud of that. its name is sierra because I first learned of its strength because it could help me beat sierra with two lapras.

togekiss with charm, dazzling gleam and ancient power. ancient power is a rock move, very good for taking out other togekiss. but its main purpose is using charm to take out all dragons. and if anyone starts with fighting, like an obstagoon or scraggy, they're stupid.

empoleon with waterfall, hydro cannon, drill peck. I used to have blizzard as that last move but it was too hard to power up and my other teammates are fine at taking out dragons anyway. hydrocannon takes out other togekisses and, eventually, swamperts. unless those swamperts have earthquake. then I hate them.

I'm also hating cresselia, scizor, articuno, and venusaurs. but when I can take out a giratina it's worth it.

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