Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

death to shopping

Well, yesterday's entry was a facinating lesson in worldwide culture, wasn't it? It's become very apparent to me that I tend to make polls and websites and things for people just like me: white middle class able-bodied americans running mozilla. If you don't fit this catagory, well, I'm trying to improve for you.

In other news, I spent $180 yesterday on bathroom shit. Oops. Yes, I needed a toothbrush holder. Maybe even the wastebasket. But did I need the soap dish, soap dispenser, tumbler, jar, and tissue box cover? And matching towels? I did not need the towels. I'm taking those back, they're too big anyway, girls who pay for dryers can not have big towels.

But I'm keeping my pretty shower curtain.

And I'm keeping my bath mat. It was the most expensive thing, but this is a nice bath mat, I adore it. I walked barefoot on it fifty times last night, it's sitting in our front hall.

No more shopping! I have spent so much money, and I haven't even started furniture. Wouldn't it be ironic for me to get into credit card debt trouble now? After years of eating nothing but macaroni and shopping at goodwill, suddenly the year I get an income is the one where I lose it? I think my credit card company has been waiting in the wings for this, it's like they knew, that's why they kept doubling my limit every six months. It's like they had a board meeting... "yes, she feels like she'll never have this much money to her name now. but wait, if we keep raising the limit, one day she'll snap and then we'll kill her with the interest rate. one day she'll feel the need to spend thousands of dollars on home accessories."

When I get to wichita, I'm going to renew my membership to amnesty international, at the real grown-up level, not the $15 student one. Then I'm going to set aside money for upcoming christmas and birthday presents for my friends and family. I will not go into debt. I will not buy furniture until I have some money in the bank. I will not buy trivial "me" stuff any more.

In other news, my period is supposed to start the same day I move in next week... that should be just fantastic.
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