Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

lj anniversary friendzy?

Hello livejournal!

I joined this lovely site on September 24th, many many years ago. I love it here! I've learned that to KEEP loving it here, it's nice to be finding new friends. You know... if I joined a cool new hip social media site, I'd be running around seeing what's new, right? Why not put that same effort into livejournal, a place I've known and loved since forever?

So this is not a new idea, I've seen it done lots over the years, just never tried it myself! I figured in honor of my anniversary I'd give it a go. I'm excited, because it's a friendzy I won't be hella late for!

It's called a Friendzy. Friends, countrypersons, lurkers, visitors from a page... if you like building the friends list every once in a while, copy this info into a comment here! Wave to each other, virtual hug, whatever you'd like!

Then share it in your journal, and everyone else can gather up :) Here's my rainbow goat but I don't care how you share it, linking back casually is obviously okay!

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