Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

morning ice coffee ritual

Summer is over so it's almost time for me to switch my morning drink back to BLACK COFFEE. Okay, maybe with a tiny hit of pumpkin spice creamer if I feel fancy.

All summer I start my mornings with ice coffee, which I make totally wrong according to all sources. Apparently ice coffee is a special thing which must be specifically brewed using some very fancy method, not just regular drip coffee that you drink cold.

I just use regular drip coffee that I drink cold. shrug emoji.

Nightly ritual:
- Arrive home from work. See what coffee is left in the coffee pot. Either fill my cup about 1/3 of the way and stick it in the fridge or freeze some of it in small plastic cups.

Morning ritual ingredients:
- 1 24-oz tervis tumbler that I got off facebook marketplace (normally $20, mine is $4, I am very proud of myself)
- 4oz plastic kid cup of frozen coffee from the night before. I stick the cup in a larger cup of warm water for about 60 seconds, then the sides melt and the whole thing comes out and I have Giant Coffee Ice
- About 10oz cold coffee that's been in the fridge all night, OR the same amount of hot coffee that I made this morning and just left out for an hour while I was getting ready
- 1 tbsp hot cocoa mix, or 1/2 tbsp each sugar and cocoa. Same diff.
- 2% Milk to top it off

The hot cocoa mix does not dissolve well in cold coffee so sometimes I'll add it to a tiny bit of hot coffee first, sometimes I mix it in the night before to the room temp coffee going into the fridge.

If there is any way to improve on this and make my coffee experience that much more amazing I'm all ears, but I also don't care.

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