Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

toronto lake

last weekend we camped out one night at the cross timbers state park in toronto, KS. we've done this a million times. we have our favorite campsite, it's pretty close to the playground. we wanted to stay two nights, but Olive let us know she was against ALL CAMPING. We debated whether to tell her tough, it's good for you, get off the damn minecraft and give your brain some nature time. but then marc and I decided to give in and compromise and camp one night. because it is good for her brain, but we also don't want to drag our kids kicking and screaming into something all the time. does that make us weak parents?

anyway she was fine. she still whined and complained and said she wanted to go home, but also asked if we could go on a "star walk"... which, unfortunately, was not great. full moon. we saw some stars but the moonlight beamed down on us all night, I even woke up at one point in the tent just bathed in light and had to move closer to the tent wall to find a shadow.

we showed up, went swimming, ate hotdogs on a fire, slept okay but it was still a little hot. in the morning Josie and I went on the short trail that's about a mile long, but marc doesn't like it because "ankle death". he lives in constant fear of rolling and angle, and steep rocky trails are the enemy. I don't understand why such a big guy has such skinny ankles. design flaw? one little roll and he just swells up. he doesn't even like walks on brick streets. I love walking on everything, all the time. Josie doesn't say much but surprisingly likes to go with me on things. so that's what we did in the morning. then her and I went swimming again. I read on the beach. we packed up and ate sandwiches for lunch and went home.

judy the dog is another family member who's half in, half out when it comes to keeping up with me. the first day she had fun on the beach, made new friends, other kids wanted to pet her and she was sweet. the second day she went on the trail with us. but when josie and I changed to go swimming again, judy just laid down by marc and olive in the shade. she didn't know exactly what we were up to, but she was tired of the action.
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