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insider trading... pssshaw!

Well, my dream table is just going to keep being my dream table because it's just not practical right now. Pretty, yes. But the contemporary store guy in wichita called me back and said there was no way he could do it for me, and I can't bring myself to pay that much money for something I don't get to sit in. Besides, there's light on the horizon now. But let me get to that later.

Woke up. Cleaned birdcage. I was trying to get the birds to take a bath, which must be done in their little bath bowl on the bathroom counter top because if they actually decide to jump in, a lot of splashing occurs. Naboo didn't want to take a bath, she wanted to sit on top of the shower curtain which is forbidden, so I sprayed at her with the misty bottle (aggy loves it, naboo does not) She went into this wild crazy fury and got so confused she landed on my hand.

This was weird because naboo never gets on human fingers. She's scared to death of people, won't do it, I was astounded. I sat there for a second looking at her, then talked to her for a while. Aggy came over and flew on my other hand, then Naboo went over to that one too. It was a breakthrough. I feel like we can really bond now, you know?

Left the house, got a haircut, went to see Grandma. We actually had a lovely visit, talked about everything, I hardly ever visit Grandma by myself but I really should have more often this summer. While I was there I told her about my bedding crisis and the annoying Dillard's sales lady and all that, then all the sudden she's like, "Why don't you go to K-Mart? It's right down the street. They've got the Martha Stewart stuff, it's neat." So I went.

And you know what? It was neat! Martha didn't let me down! I got this amazingly cute paisly bed-in-a-bag, some extra throw pillows, and a curtain for like $130 or so, it was on special. All sort of a soft greenish with warm undertones, I couldn't believe it, totally gorgeous. And don't shoot me, but you know what else? K-Mart has some fantastic furniture. They actually had a table and chairs I loved, light solid maple wood for $200. Let's weigh the options:

Option 1Option 2
K-MartWho Knows?
Comfy chairswho knows?
Made in VietnamMade in Italy
Pretty decent lookingTotally beautiful looking
Take it home in the carAllow 20 weeks for delivery

Yeah, hi? So it's safe to say I will not be ordering previously mentioned italian furniture. What was I thinking?

Before I go on though, let me say that today's $1400 feature was not the most expensive thing I've considered. I mean, a lot of the furniture stores I've looked at, I'd say the majority in fact, only carry dining chairs that retail at $150 or more each. Throw in a table, and you can't really do it for under $900. That's a furniture store for you. And I was thinking that was my only option, because that was the only place I'd seen stuff I liked. Yes, it's a lot to pay for a table and chairs. But if that's what it's going to cost, that's what I'll pay.

Came home, family went out to applebee's. All in all a good time. Computer still works fine, fans still blowing, am proud of handiwork.

I hope Martha Stewart doesn't go to jail. I'm really happy with my new comforter set, I'm glad she was around to create affordable designs available only at K-Mart, if she sticks around maybe I'll buy curtains in the spring.
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