Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

if someone's name is in an email, make sure they see it?

A few weeks ago there was some Crisis At Work and engineering called me up, I explained all that we had done and how the world would soon be perfect again, and hung up.

Hours later I got an email... the engineer I'd talked with on the phone emailed all his colleagues to say "don't worry spacefem is all over it", they emailed their friends, who emailed their friends, who emailed their friends, and finally one guy sent it to me. It was harmless, but he said "I just think if someone's name is in an email they should always be CCed."

I jokingly told him I only needed to be CCed if they were talking shit on me, but the more I think about it, that's a good rule.

Because days later another thing happened... a customer emailed their sales guy with "and I'm still waiting for spacefem to call me back from Monday!"

sales guy sent me the email, asked when I was going to call him, I didn't know I was supposed to, apparently another rep said he'd have me call him. Well that's easy. I gave the guy a call.

I also like it when people say "Do I need to talk to your boss?", I usually take the liberty of cc-ing my boss on the reply. Might as well, right? We're a team, he can know if I'm messing up, I might need his help. If I have screwed up, he might as well hear it from me.

Of course this only works if you have good bosses. I count myself fortunate on that front. Life has been good.
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