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telling the same joke & my regular makerspace gig

Kids under 8 have to wear a wristband at the YMCA swimming pool. it's to signal to the lifeguards which kids need to be within arms reach of an adult.

So marc is checking us in at the front gate, surrounded by our kids, and tells the lady "We need a wristband." She says, "for you?" marc laughs his big giggly laugh and says "yes for me!" she smiles and says, "I've been waiting all day to tell that joke!"

walking away marc was still laughing but he said, "I bet she tells that all the time and it's really old to her." but I thought for a moment... nope! it's not old! it's her gig, right?

I used to give makerspace orientation every other monday, I had to go over how the place works, how it started, what it is, membership, policies, rules... and I got to really love giving that presentation. over and over and over again. Sometimes three times a night. I had to go pretty quickly to get it in the 20-30 minute range. I did have jokes. Some in the slides, some I told. I loved my jokes. Every time.

We had a rule about no illegal activity, I'd say "We haven't had many problems with this one, I'm not even sure what you'd do. I guess no making... crack?"

I explained we had lots of volunteer events throughout the year. "I spent last Riverfest in a tent teaching small children how to solder. Very few third degree burns!"

I'd say we do not allow project storage except on a very short term basis, because some makers start projects, leave them in a corner and forget about them, "YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE"

I'd talk about how your 14 year old can technically learn how to weld, if the metalshop area lead decides he/she is mature enough to pass the required safety class. But there's a flipside, if we approve mature 14 year olds, we can reject an immature 30 year old!

These were all things I'd worked into the presentation over time, and in MOST crowds I'd get a decent reaction. And it made it worth it! I could share the same rules again and again, but as long as people were making eye contact and smiling and laughing at my jokes, it was a lot of fun, and I never minded the repeats at all. Will I win open mic night? Probably not. Did my presentation get some people to join? I like to think so!

I wonder if the world is full of people who work with the public, who do the same thing every month/week/day/hour, and tell the same jokes, just to keep themselves sane? And maybe brighten some stranger's day?

it's worth it! keep at it, pool lady, we laughed!
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