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do you have a guest room?

We shuffled bedrooms around this month, again!

Our house is two stories. The upstairs has two nice size bedrooms and one small bedroom. Downstairs has one nice size bedroom and all the other living stuff. Over the years they've changed a LOT, because what do you do with that one really small room upstairs? It's like half the size of the other rooms.

Over the years we've been...

a family with one baby:
1 (large room upstairs) - our room
2 (large room upstairs) - guest room
3 (small room upstairs) - baby nursery
4 (large room downstairs) - sewing room

As a family with one toddler one baby, we moved Josie to the other big bedroom:
1 - our room
2 - toddler room
3 (small) - baby nursery
4 (downstairs) - sewing room? guest room?

I honestly cannot remember what we did with the queen size guest bed at this time. Olive slept in our room for a while. Where was she before we bought bunk beds, but after she'd outgrown the cosleeper? This is what a second kid does to you. I just have no idea. Wait maybe we kept Josie in the small room, but put the crib and guest bed in the big room?

Eventually it was time for big girl furniture. We bought bunk beds. And I made myself a sewing room!
1 - our room
2 - girls sharing a room, awe!
3 (small) - guest room
4 (downstairs) - sewing room

Then Josie wanted her own room. So we unbunked the beds and moved her bed out.
1 - our room
2 - Olive's room (you get the big one if your sister wants to move out, right?)
3 (small) - Josie's room
4 (downstairs) - guest room

Then Josie wanted a bigger room, and as a ten year old she didn't mind sleeping further from us. We realized we didn't really have guests that often, so we sold the queen size bed, mom gave us this cool trundle bed setup that fits in the room way better.
1 - our room
2 - Olive's room, now with bunk beds for sleepover friends!
3 (small) - office, maybe? Marc bought a desk.
4 - Josie's room

The guest room was also C's room but she NEVER wants to stay with us, and we rarely have guests, so I had this epiphany... when we have guests, we shuffle kids. A guest can steal Josie's room, she can sleep on the basement couch. That's what lots of families do, right? I think I did that growing up. Who has real estate for a guest room?

I haven't done a poll in a long time, so...

Poll #2104459 Guest rooms

Where do you put your guests?

Official Guest Room
Multi-purpose room that becomes a guest room
Shuffle other family members to give a guest their room
Common area couch
My home is one giant room, like a desert yurt
Tent in the back yard
Tell them to get a hotel
I never have guests

What do your guests get to sleep on?

King/Queen bed
Twin bed
Sofa sleeper
Regular sofa
Air mattress
Pile of straw and corn husks

Post-covid, can I crash at your place?

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