Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

covid-19 update

It's been a while since I wrote about coronavirus. still dodging, nobody I'm close to has it.

I guess my county stopped tracking recoveries so we don't know how many active cases there have been, but we've had about 5500 total cases and 50 deaths.

We are masked up at work, unless sitting at our desks. But for moving through hallways, elevators, restrooms and cafeterias, it's all people in masks.

We are masked up in public, at the grocery and hardware stores. I have no idea what the laws require, I can't keep track. Every time the governor mandates one thing the county says they won't enforce it but the mayor says he will but the city council says they won't but the businesses say they'll require it... so who knows! I just throw my hands up and figure hell, I'll wear a mask. And I see others wearing them too. So maybe the end answer was to wear a mask?

In my zip code of 10000 people, 1400 people have been tested, there have been 250 cases. I have not been tested. To my knowledge I haven't been exposed in any way.

The kids are supposed to go back to school after labor day, September 8. I feel like it's "school chicken"... like, are they really going to open schools? They're supposed to wear masks.

Olive immediately said "but I'll get coronavirus!" I tried to assure her that her school will keep her safe.

Josie hasn't said much. She's 10, and her interactions with us seem to be decreasing with age. She's never been a real wordy kid when it comes to explaining her feelings anyway. The idea of going back to school gets a shrug.

I know it's a stereotype, but I do think she'll be great in a technical field someday, given her total lack of attention to both her own and anyone else's emotions. The most talking she does is insulting the boys she plays with on fortnite. She can trash talk a manifesto. Then I see her in the kitchen getting food, ask how she feels about school, and she shrugs. Then she opens a cabinet and says with a smile, "Cereal".

One day I said, "Josie, we need to talk about how you only speak in single words."

She said, "No."

maybe that's why my livejournal doesn't have as many covid-19 entries these days? we've all mastered the art of focusing on the one thing right in front of us. School is weeks away, weeks I tell you, why is it worth worrying about?
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