Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

maybe this will be in the livejournal top 25

Anybody ever had an entry in the livejournal top 25? It pops up sometimes for me, apparently it doesn't take much to be in the top 25, these entries made it:

How to disagree with people 8 comments
How to exercize 3 comments
single pushbuttons that cycle through too many modes 7 comments
Pomona lake cabin 3 comments

I mean, that last one about the lake was really boring. What's weird is that my most commented entry recently, frugal internet groups had 14 comments and was not in the top 25. I think it's more interesting than several of those others. Maybe a busy news day?

livejournal has these user ratings too, where I have always been firmly in the 200s. That implies that there are 200 livejournals on that list who are as cool or cooler than me, right? But no, they're mostly in other languages or totally not updating anymore. I don't care about moving up, but the randomness is annoying. It makes me wish there was some genuinely interesting way to find people I should have friended, entries I should comment on, news I might have missed. I think good things are happening all across livejournal but we're all in our own little silos.
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