Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

friday 5: weather

from thefridayfive:

1. Have you ever been in a hurricane or typhoon? Which one, when and where?
No, my gosh that sounds horrifying! I'm glad I live in Kansas.

2. Have you ever been near an erupting volcano? Which one, when and where?
No but my birthday was within the week of Mt. Saint Helens erupting. It was all over the newspapers from that time. It has kept my interest piqued in the stories.

3. Are there tornadoes where you live? Has a tornado come near you?
Oh gosh yes. We live with tornadoes.

Sometimes you get a few days warning that we might have some severe storms this week. Then hours before, a warning that the storms might be the kind to generate tornadoes. Sometimes folks try to get home a little earlier. We check radar to see what's coming, and if we hear the sirens we'll go to our basement, sometimes. Oh and we look at the sky. I guess you could say we go to the basement based on the sky plus radar plus sirens. I could count the times on one hand we've had to do it.

When Josie was a year old and the little free libraries were starting up, a tornado ripped through the southeast side of Wichita. One family built a little free library out of tornado wreckage. So I remember that one.

I've never seen a tornado. I've seen clouds starting to swirl above me in a spiral, that's as close as it's gotten.

4. Have you experienced severe flooding? When and where?
Nah. my basement flooding last year doesn't count. We had about two inches of water.

5. What is the most extreme weather you have ever experienced?
I went camping with a friend once and we arrived in a strong lighting storm, one bolt hit close while we were setting up the tent and we both hit the ground terrified. everything around me went white. We ran to our car and huddled in there for a long time until the worst passed us. I am no fan of lightning!
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