Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

geek girl's guide to ghetto electronics

So I woke up this morning all determined to switch out case fans, and was very dissapointed to open things up and find that all my connectors were different.

The chassis fan was connected directly to the power supply, which was interesting but not an issue, since my motherboard had a three-prong connector for a chassis fan. I did that instead. Something tells me it's better this way, I know it's cleaner, I hate power supply connectors being strewn all over in there.

The power supply fan was a two-prong connector, and my new three-prong fan (it's got an extra yellow wire for directional stuff that I'll never use) wouldn't fit. Wouldn't you know it. So I cut the wires off the old fan, stripped and tinned the ends, and stuck them right into the connector for the new fan. Kinda wondered while doing this if there was a special connector for this purpose, and adapter of some type. But what's the worst that can happen? The fan doesn't start up, maybe I lose a power supply?

Anyway, it started up just fine. I'm sitting here considering how long the connection will last, the wires have a good .5" in the connector, something about it just seems sort of wrong because they're just shoved in there. But I didn't want to cut the connector off my new fan, and I didn't want an extra yellow wire just sort of roaming around in my power supply. I'll consider this as the future progresses.

For what it's worth, my computer is a little quieter now. Not a lot, but some. I think if I ever build a computer again, my goal will be to make it the quietest ever. The goal with this one was to make it boot up, because I'd never built a whole machine before, but now that I've got confidence in that I can look to new things.

And my solder iron really needs a new tip. I hate buying those. They aren't cheap, hell, not much less than a whole new iron. Radio Shack: You've got questions, we've got markups.

Got word from my future employers that I passed my physical and drug test. yay me! I'm really hired now!
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