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important things

hi :)

Just finished midnight snack involving spoonfuls of peanut butter with m&ms stuck in for goodness. ah! i'm going to get so fat one day, and I don't care right now. dave bought me the m&ms, I don't know if they were for valentine's day or because he knows i'm on my period, either occasion calls for chocolate so I guess it doesn't matter.

Took the LotR Race quiz and found out I'm an elf (sorry, won't post the exact quiz code, I usually hate quizes but couldn't help myself on this one.) I knew it though, really, I'm too beautiful to be anything else.

I'm happy today for several reasons. First, I didn't think about senior design. Sweetness! Second, I bagged a job running cable in a new lab we're networking - a bunch of solaris workstations (!). I'm basically a professional crimper for the next two weeks, I'll start on the project tomorrow I think (they don't care when I work, as along as it gets done). It gets me three credit hours (horray!) and some extreme wire-running experience which is nice, then I get to play with new department testing toys. Excellent.

Third, I've been in an uber-creative mood lately, cranking out GIMP products like nobody's ever seen. It's nice to be productive and get ideas, feel like if a website needed doing you'd do it.

On the downside, I got an e-mail back from one of the companies I sent a resume to saying they didn't want to give me a job. Damn. I've e-mailed like 6 places in the last two weeks about jobs--everything from web development to electronics technician stuff--and have only gotten two replies, both of which told me to stick it. sigh. but as they say... ain't nothing gonna break my stride!

In editing class (a love/hate subject if I ever had one) the other day we were all asked to share a positive of negative editing experience we'd had. Mine was this: Because I tell people I like writing and editing, I'm always having friends show me things and ask me to read through and say what I think. I ask if I can write on it, they say yes. I ask if they mind getting constructive criticism, they say no problem. So I mark the hell out of it and they complain and feel hurt... something along the lines of "I'm sorry I'm just not a good enough writer for you!" uh... what? It's true! This happens! I once had an ex-boyfriend who was the worst offender of this in the world.

I explain that I have trouble relating to these people because when I show someone a document I want them to tear it apart. The more comments, the better, sock it to me! Same with web design, documents, everything. Our professor then looks at me and says, "Yes, but that's rare. What your friends are looking for is someone to tell them they did a good job. Approve. Most people don't have the confidence to sit through criticism and use it to their advantage, that takes a lot of strength, more than we think sometimes."


It made me think a lot, about people and the problems they have lately, and it really all boils down to confidence. My conclusion: better to have too much than not enough. You can't change the world without confidence. You can't even straighten out your own life in most cases. And you can't get an A on an english paper, either.

So here so far are Spacefem's Traits To Arm Thyself With In This World:
1) Passion
2) Logic
3) Confidence

I started to look up links to previous journal entries where I'd ranted about one or more of these, but I think I'll make memory catagories for them instead, they're sort of reoccuring themes in my life.


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Feb. 14th, 2002 03:57 am (UTC)
Embarassing personal revelation: I've never once crimped my own cat5. I don't even own a crimper. *hanging head in shame*
Feb. 14th, 2002 04:02 am (UTC)
Oh, about the writing thing, I'm TOTALLY with you on that. I used to edit as a part time job for a major organization, and they loved the heck out of me. In the real world, where people have to learn to deal with constructive criticism or shrivel up and die, people eat that stuff up. Friends of mine in University used to love having me edit their papers, even though they'd come back almost opaque with comments. However, I edited once for a couple of the #beos people each, and they both got all kind of hurt and never asked me to edit again. I even try to throw in the occasional comment, and I pre-explain my editing style and note that the stuff I will write will only be suggestions which they can take or leave. *shrug* One person complained that I generated too much work -- that the comments were good, but it was just too much effort to go resolve all that stuff after I'd gone over it.
Feb. 14th, 2002 06:48 am (UTC)
"but it was just too much effort to go resolve all that stuff after I'd gone over it."

Ouch! There's a line from someone really looking to improve, huh?

I think people just have problems really wanting something to be good. It takes a court case sometimes to find out what's in the "best interest of a child", and their decision often goes against the best interest of adults. Editors have the interest in of a document, not its author, in mind, and I suppose it could be either low confidence or pure selfishness.

The women around you, BTW, have always really impressed me here. xtabay can pick apart a resume in an incredibly honorable way, and I've seen
  • come up with some really good website improvements. It's tough to find a good editor, with as many as #BeOS has I'm surprised you found people resistant to your suggestions.
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